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Why Volunteer?

  1. You’ll pay it forward.

    Think about that person in your life who cared about you during a time when you needed it most. Now think about becoming that person for a youth today.

  2. You’ll build your community.

    We all have a stake in the youth of today. They will become the neighbors, co-workers and employees of tomorrow. Your involvement helps make the future stronger for all of us.

  3. You can turn your volunteer time into money!

    Your company may match volunteer hours with financial contributions to Friends of Youth. So your volunteer time will have a double impact! Learn more.

  4. You’ll feel great!

    Giving feels great...and giving your time is one of the best ways to see the impact you can have on other people.

  5. You’ll be an inspiration to others.

    Through your leadership, you can get your friends and family in the spirit of volunteering.