Youth portrait

The Sermon That Started It All

“The Church Can Do It!”

Excerpts from a sermon by Dr. Clinton Ostrander on June 4, 1950 that inspired members of the University Congregational Church to become the organization of Friends of Youth

The...task of the church is to encourage and inspire every member of the church to engage in some kind of activity that is motivated by Christian brush everything aside with the excuse of being busy is as foolish as to refuse to eat because you're too busy.

...What I would like to do this morning is to help you discover, if you have not already discovered, how richly your own life can be blessed by dedicating some of your time and talent and energy and means to bless and enrich the lives of others. It is a law of life that to give is to receive.

...In another area is work with boys who for one reason or another have missed or are missing the way.

...Ours is the responsibility and opportunity to help people who are in distress or need, to direct and help young people whether they come to us or we go out to find them...