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Privacy Policy

Friends of Youth seeks to understand fully the people we serve, the needs of the community and our supporters and partners. To meet this goal, Friends of Youth collects personal information about clients, employees, vendors, partners, donors and volunteers. This data is collected on our internet web site and in-person through applications, referral forms, donation forms, emails, interviews, and similar methods of collection. Friends of Youth does not collect personal information about anyone without that person’s knowledge.

Data collected may be aggregated and shared with funders, government agencies, partners, auditors and other entities. Individual and aggregate data may also be shared among agency staff to help understand, assess and report on our activities, monitor contracts and employment practices, and ensure the highest quality in service delivery, community involvement and fundraising practices. Client data is confidential, and will be released only in accordance with law. Requests for anonymity by any donor or volunteer will be honored immediately.

If you would like to discuss our use of information further, please contact Marla Rennie at (425)-869-6490 x 315