Youth portrait

Outreach Success Story



Kevin first came to the Outreach program after his father forced him to leave their home. It was the start of a rocky period: He had been spending a lot of time in the park, smoking marijuana and getting into fights with other homeless youth. Then he found Friends of Youth’s Street Outreach and started on a better path.

Kevin was always willing to engage in conversations about his future. His immediate goals, he said, were to quit using drugs, get a stable job, and repair his relationship with his family. Outreach gave him the information and encouragement he needed. Kevin’s breakthrough came when he underwent his drug evaluation and, with the help of Outreach workers, entered into inpatient treatment.

After spending two months in treatment, he returned to visit Outreach as a new man. He moved in with his sister, and almost immediately got a job at a local video store. Today he loves his job, and continues to drop by Outreach on occasion to catch up and offer others his warm, friendly smile.

Note: Names of clients have been changed to protect their privacy