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New Ground Sand point



New Ground Sand Point (NGSP) in Seattle, Washington, houses six young women at any given time.  Residents are between the ages of 18 and 21 when they enter the program. Our residents are either pregnant or parenting their first child up to the age of three.  The program offers supportive case management services that help residents set goals, complete their GED, high school, or enter college courses, obtain employment, secure childcare, apply for health care and benefits, and much more on an as-needed basis.  New Ground Sand Point also offers employment specialist services for unemployed residents or those looking for alternative employment.   Parenting classes, life skills training, access to resources and referrals, financial management and budget planning, and the development of healthy relationships are additional services that are provided on site.


Residents at New Ground Sand Point live in a large, historic home in the Magnuson Park area and are eligible to stay for up to 18 months.  All residents have one bedroom for themselves and their child.  There are two shared bathrooms, a large community room, dining area, kitchen, and laundry facility.  The building is a secure, locked home for the safety of residents and their children and is monitored by a video security system to ensure the safety of residents and staff and to hold residents accountable for program rules.  There is also an on-site resource center with internet access to accommodate job and housing searches. The staff provides transportation when possible.


New Ground Sand Point is located in Magnuson Park with easy access to the Metro-Transit bus lines.  It is near Safeway and Bartell Drugs at University Village. Transportation for groceries and some errands is provided by our staff on an as-needed basis.  There is a post office accessible via bus, a large play area for children in Magnuson Park, and easy access to the University of Washington, library, and its resources.