Youth portrait

What Your Gift Can Do


Here are some representative examples of what your financial gift can serve to accomplish at Friends of Youth:

Your Contribution What it can do *
$10 Purchase all of the necessary snacks for one of the hungry homeless youth we encounter in our Street Outreach Program.
$25 Runaway and homeless teens can stay at our Youth Haven home while we help to reunify them with their family. Give them a night to be a kid again with a gift card to a movie with popcorn.
$66 Keeps a baby in our housing program for young mothers happy and dry for an entire month.
$100 Your donation buys the crib sheets and blankets for the baby in our young mothers program and the sheets, pillow, and comforter for the young mother.
$160 Fitting in when you are in foster care can be hard. With this gift, you ensure that a foster child's senior portraits will be taken for the yearbook.
$500 One brick at the entrance to our new campus will be inscribed with your name or the name of your honoree. All proceeds support our "Housing our Future Capital Campaign", building safe places for homeless and runaway youth.
$1,000 Your donation funds an additional bed providing one more young person shelter, a bed, and a meal at The Landing in Redmond, the only shelter for young adults on the Eastside of King County.

* Examples shown are for illustrative purposes only. Costs may vary. Your contribution goes toward operational expenses across a broad range of programs.