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Friends of Youth foster parents receive support from a variety of resources to prevent and reduce foster parent stress and family crisis, including training, respite care, staff consultation, peer support, crisis intervention and costs of extraordinary child expenses.


Friends of Youth offers at least one training event per month, building skills in caring for children in the home. In addition, we pay a stipend for each monthly training event.

Primary Support Staff at Friends of Youth

In most cases, the Friends of Youth Case Manager (CM) will be the person directly responsible for the therapeutic care of the foster child.


The monthly reimbursement is paid to foster parents to cover all your care and supervision of the child as well as basic expences for the child's room and board, transportation, clothing and personal incidentals, i.e., hygiene products, school supplies, etc.

Other Financial Support for Foster Youth

Children in the foster care program have access to the Friends of Youth support to help reach their goals. Examples of some items provided to foster children:


There may be times when the foster parent will need child care for the foster child for a few hours or for an occasional weekend. In some circumstances, emergency respite is needed. Foster parents are eligible for two days of out-of-home respite per month, up to six days per quarter.

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