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become a safe place


If your organization is interested in becoming a Safe Place, please contact our Safe Place Liaison. They will help you assess if your site is appropriate. Once your site has been assessed, the first step in becoming a Safe Place is to sign a site agreement that outlines the responsibilities of a Safe Place Site, and the commitments made by King County Safe Place to your organization.

Safe Place's responsibilities include:

  1. To hold an orientation and training for employees prior to opening as a Safe Place site.
  2. To provide procedure sheets including step-by-step instructions for Safe Place.
  3. To have Safe Place employees and volunteers readily available to assist staff at the Safe Place location at all times, either in person or over the phone.
  4. To make available a Safe Place sign and other materials.
  5. To offer on-going support to Safe Place site.

Safe Place Sites agree to:

  1. To designate responsibility for Safe Place program to an employee.
  2. To provide a safe environment where the youth in crisis can wait until a Safe Place volunteer can respond to and check on him/her as needed.
  3. To be supportive of youth seeking a Safe Place, to relay information about him/her to Safe Place staff and to keep all information confidential.
  4. To display the Safe place sign in a highly visible area on the outside of the building, to display the Safe Place decal on the entrance that the youth would use when requesting help and to keep the Safe Place procedure sheet easily accessible to all employees.
  5. To inform all new employees about Safe place, including the procedures to follow if a youth requests help.
  6. To remove the Safe Place sign from the building if site is no longer a Safe Place program participant.

Once we have a site agreement, the Safe Place staff will work with you to arrange a time to train your employees and volunteers who interact with youth. The last step is to hang a sign in the window to let teens know that your organization is a place they can find safety!

Please contact our Safe Place Liaison today to discuss becoming a Safe Place Site!