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How YOu can Support foster children

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Foster children need the support of a caring community to thrive, from safe, stable and nurturing foster homes, to the clothing, activities, tutoring, support, and love all children deserve. 

Here are some ways YOU can help:



Volunteers can tutor, take children on field trips, help with events and so much more.  Contact us to learn more about how you can donate your time to support a foster child. volunteer@friendsofyouth.org


Sponsor an Outing

Pull together a movie night package, or tickets to the hockey game, or a trip to the ballpark. Often, foster kids don't have access to events, museums, and other outings. Your donation can make these fun trips happen for our children. Contact us at devsupport@friendsofyouth.org


  Join Our Foster Friends Circle

The founding members of our 'Foster Friends' group will each make a three year commitment to an annual gift of at least $500 to support quadrupling our foster beds in three years (or less!). The Foster Friends will gather annually to receive updates on our progress, and to hear stories of success from our foster kids. Learn more by contacting our Development Team: devsupport@friendsofyouth.org


  Become a Part Time Foster Parent

You might not be able to commit to full time care, or you might not know if fostering is right for you.  Learn more by becoming a part time, or respite, foster parent.  Respite providers care for children on the weekends, or over vacation, giving their full time foster parents a chance to travel, take a break, or to address health or other needs. fostercare@friendsofyouth.org


Become a Full Time Foster Parent

We will help you every step of the way as you become trained and licensed to care for foster children in your home. We provide training, financial stipends, respite care, and the support of our professional team. Learn more about the process at fostercare@friendsofyouth.org


  Become a Therapeutic Foster Parent

Children in foster care who struggle with challenging behaviors need a different level of support and care, one that we provide in our therapeutic foster care program.  Extra support, training, and case managers ensure that both our children and their foster parents, have the support they need to thrive. Learn more at fostercare@friendsofyouth.org

"Take the first step in faith.

You don't have to see the whole staircase,

just take the first step."

~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr                          

Become part of our foster care team:



Foster Care Licensor

Lynnae Arredondo  (425) 228-5776 ext 115

Foster Care Advocate and Recruiter

Elizabeth Crollard  (425) 588-1162