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Position Title

    Clinical Program Manager, Youth Haven


    Youth Haven is a dynamic emergency housing program for homeless youth and
    youth in foster care providing short-term shelter for up to 12 youth ages 7-17. The
    staff team under the supervision of the Program Manager provide a safe and stable,
    temporary housing alternative for youth who are experiencing family crisis or who
    are in foster care and in need of a temporary placement. The Program Manager for
    Youth Haven leads a staff team that provide 24 hour supervision to youth in this
    state licensed program, and ensures that all medical, educational, clinical, case
    management and transition services are provided to youth with the fewest possible


    A. Direct Service and Clinical Supervision
        1. Meet with all program staff and interns to provide clinical consultation
        and guidance in goal planning for youth, case plan formulation, referrals for
        services and transition planning.
        2. Train staff members to provide trauma informed individual and group
        counseling as needed to program residents and their families.
        3. Direct and or convene multidisciplinary meetings incorporating family and
        natural supports choice and voice.
        4. In accordance with agency policy and procedure, ensure timely completion
        of initial psychological assessments, case goal plans and various forms and
        reports mandated by the agency and contractors.
        5. Conduct weekly team meetings.
        6. Attend agency or professional seminars, training, or conferences to
        increase professional knowledge. Volunteer as requested by the Director to
        provide expertise on various professional committees.

    B. Supervisory Tasks
        1. Participate in recruiting, interviewing, selecting, orienting, training, supervision
        and evaluation of program staff.
        2. Assist the Director in formulation of orientation and training programs based
        on contracts, grants licensing and COA requirements. Assist in seeking out
        training resources as needed.
        3. Alert the Director to any job performance problems which may require
        disciplinary action.
        4. Draft job descriptions for agency review and approval.
        5. Directly supervise and hold weekly supervision meetings with the Program
        Supervisor, Therapeutic Case Manager, Education Specialist and Family
        Support Specialist.
        6. Share supervision responsibilities with Program Supervisor for Residential
        Youth Counselors (RYC).
        7. Maintain up to date supervision notes on all staff meetings.

    C. Program Administration       
        1. Ensure compliance with major grants and contracts and data collection and
        reporting requirements.
        2. Become familiar with and monitor implementation of requirements of
        funding/referring agencies. Contact significant individuals in those agencies
        to maintain a working relationship.
        3. Prepare required reports for funders including Family and Youth Services
        Bureau (FYSB), Office of Homeless Youth (OHY) and BRS contracts.
        4. Meet weekly with the Director to discuss policy, review program operations
        and receive direction. Initiate discussion on problem areas and report on the
        status of clients and families.
        5. Minimize program vacancies by timely placement of appropriately screened
        6. Maintain case notes as required, including review and approval of reports
        and documentation as needed.
        7. Ensure facility maintenance and oversee appropriate use of funds for
        program expenditures such as for food, recreation, supplies, etc.
        8. Adhere to agency policy and procedure, COA, and licensing requirements.

    D. Community Relations
        1. Maintain a liaison relationship with school, police, Children’s Administration,
        health providers, churches and other groups who might provide services or
        referrals to the program.
        2. Establish strong connections to community agencies and other relevant    
        resources to support the ability to identify long term placement resources and
        other needed services for youth.
        3. Represent FOY on interagency task forces, networks, etc. as requested
        4. Meet with other providers to share program information and coordinate

Required Skills and Qualifications

    A. Education:
        1. Master’s Degree in social work, counseling or a related field and at least one
        year of experience working with homeless youth, or, minimum of five years’
        experience working with homeless youth and a Bachelor’s degree in social work
        or a related field.
        2. Dual credentialing in a mental health related field and substance use
        certification highly desirable.

    B. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
        1. Experience working with youth in a residential setting.
        2. Ability to develop/monitor treatment and service plans for youth.
        3. Knowledge of state licensing requirements and COA standards for group care
        is highly desired.
        4. Knowledge of family systems and support principles
        5. Knowledge of child and adolescent development
        6. Group process/facilitation skills
        7. Ability to establish and maintain trusting relationships
        8. Ability to communicate effectively with a wide variety of professionals
        9. Strong interpersonal skills and effective communication (written and verbal)
        10. Demonstrated ability to engage with diverse populations in a culturally
        responsive manner.
        11. Demonstrated commitment to the values of equity and inclusion by honoring
        and celebrating diverse characteristics and expressions of personal identity.
        12. Employees and volunteers who operate their own or Friends of Youth
        vehicles on Friends of Youth business must have a safe driving record as
        defined by Friends of Youth. Employees and volunteers who operate their
        own vehicle(s) on Friends of Youth business must carry auto liability insurance
        that complies with the requirements of Friends of Youth.


    Full Time


    59 - 63k

Reports to

    Director of Specialized Residential Services



Application Deadline

    Open until filled


    Send cover letter and resume to Bailee Bryant at bailee@friendsofyouth.org

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