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Position Title

    Resident Manager, New Ground Totem Lake


    The Resident Manager is a member of a low barrier transitional housing team.
    Twenty four hour care is provided for up to ten homeless youth age sixteen to
    twenty one. Resident Manager implements agency and program policies, and are
    responsible for the safety and cleanliness of the facility. Resident Manager will
    provide on-site supervision; supporting youth to achieve their Independent Living
    Plan goals; and providing structure in the home, in addition to supervising Relief


    A. Guidance and Supervision
        1. Have overall responsibility for security of facility and grounds during shift.
        2. Responsible to know whereabouts of every young adult at all times.
        3. Respect confidentiality of the young adult and his/her/their family.
        4. Provide a safe, caring and non-judgmental environment for the young adults.
        5. Respect differences in the young adult’s cultural, social, sexual and religious
        background, and enhance cultural pride.
        6. Report to Lead Case Manager extraordinary changes in young adult’s behavior
        or situation.
        7. Engage in appropriate modeling of life skills such as: how to plunge a toilet,
        cook food, wash clothes, what to use to clean and how often.
        8. Interview, train, and provide direct supervision to all relief staff.
        9. Facilitate quarterly meetings/trainings for relief staff.

    B. Monitoring Tasks
        1. Make every effort to protect and secure resident's property.
        2. Monitor and document the whereabouts of all residents at all times.
        3. Ensure cameras and monitors are working, and log unusual activity for
        clients safety and program compliance.
        4. Monitor resident’s compliance with house and program expectations.

    C. Participate as a Member of the Residential Team
        1. Be familiar with Independent Living and Life Skills goals for each resident.
        2. Attend and participate in staff meetings if applicable.
        3. Contribute to discussions, offer input and feedback concerning both residents
        and co-workers.
        4. Initiate conflict resolution.
        5. Display positive morale; speak positively and objectively about the program.
        6. Attend agency or professional training, seminars, or conferences to increase
        professional knowledge.
        7. Participate in and facilitate house meetings if applicable.
        8. Ensure all resident units are turned within seven days of resident exit and
        prepped for new resident move-in. Recommend professional cleaning to Lead
        Case Manager if needed.
        9. Ensure abandoned belongings are stored and then disposed of in compliance
        with program expectations.

    D. Communicate Information in Verbal, Non-Verbal and Written Form and Maintain
    Required Forms and Records
        1. Maintain daily communication log, and case notes of behavior on each resident.
        2. Understand and separate one's own belief and value system from interpretation
        on behavior and events.
        3. Be straight-forward and concise in communications.
        4. Show congruency between verbal and non-verbal messages.
        5. Complete incident reports per agency policy.
        6. Complete other reports as requested by supervisor(s).
        7. Conduct intake, orientation, and exit unit walkthroughs with residents.
        8. Manage resident maintenance requests. Ensure residents are given
        appropriate written notice for scheduled maintenance.
        9. Oversee relief staff coverage on the schedule.

Required Skills and Qualifications

    A. Education and Experience
        1. A Bachelor of Arts Degree in a social service field is preferred.
        2. Demonstrates an appropriate maturity level to supervise and support young
        3. Experience working with teens/young adults in alternative setting a plus.
        4. Must have a valid Washington State driver's license or be able to obtain one
        by date of employment.
        5. Employees and volunteers who operate their own or Friends of Youth vehicles
        on Friends of Youth business must have a safe driving record as defined by
        Friends of Youth. Employees and volunteers who operate their own vehicle(s)
        on Friends of Youth business must carry auto liability insurance that complies
        with the requirements of Friends of Youth.
        6. Must have a Red Cross First Aid Card, CPR training, HIV/AIDs training, or be
        able to obtain one within thirty days of employment.
        7. Must pass TB screening.
        8. Must successfully pass criminal history check (WAC 388-148-0035).

    B. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
        1. An ability to engage with diverse populations in a culturally responsive
        2. Demonstrate a commitment to the values of equity and inclusion by honoring
        and celebrating diverse characteristics and expressions of personal identity.
        3. Understand the dynamics of working with at-risk youth and incorporate
        knowledge into daily interactions with youth.
        4. Ability to show tolerance and acceptance of youth.
        5. Understand nature of youth/adult relationship. Is comfortable with, and
        accepts role of authority.
        6. Good role model.
        7. Willingness to become familiar with Strength Based Practice, Harm Reduction
        Model, and Trauma Informed Care.
        8. Demonstrate control in stressful situations.
        9. Know personal stressors and weaknesses, and work to overcome them.
        10. Knowledge of relevant COA standards, or willingness to become familiar with
        them, and participation in a Performance and Quality Improvement process.


    Full Time: Monday through Friday, 3pm-11pm, with some availability to cover
    overnights and weekends as needed.


    $17.83 / hour

Reports to

    Lead Case Manager



Application Deadline

    March 9, 2018


    Send cover letter and resume to Shannon Russell at

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