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Position Title

    Therapeutic Case Manager, Foster Care


    The Therapeutic Case Manager provides a full range of case management services
    to youth in Therapeutic Foster Care and Regular Foster Care, which includes
    working with their foster parents, birth parents, and identified supports to assist the
    youth toward permanency. The Therapeutic Case Manager coordinates all case
    and treatment planning among the team members and assists the Assistant Director
    in placing BRS and Regular youth in foster homes.


    A. Case Management
        1. Maintain children and youth caseloads for youth 0-17 years of age. A
        standard caseload consists of 8 to 12 clients. Caseloads may increase if
        family-level foster children are assigned.
        2. Screen referrals for admission by reviewing records, contacting relevant
        individuals to obtain more information, and facilitating pre-placement interviews
        between referrals and foster parents.
        3. Develop culturally and developmentally appropriate treatment plans and
        set treatment outcome goals for each youth. Monitor progress toward these
        goals monthly.
        4. Conduct individual, group, and family counseling sessions, on both a
        scheduled and spontaneous basis to assist in supporting youth and the
        foster parents.
        5. Assist foster parents in their role as primary life skills educators by
        providing information and resource materials related to life skills and
        independent living skills.
        6. Collaborate with the Assistant Director and the youth’s treatment team on
        treatment goals, modalities, and individualized approaches for each youth on
        their caseload.
        7. Complete timely assessments for Children’s Administration as contracted.
        8. Contact and develop community resources to support youth's treatment plans,
        goals, and discharge planning
        9. Establish all aftercare treatment plans for all youth on caseload. Monitor and
        implement these aftercare plans.

    B. Record Keeping
        1. Complete, in a timely manner, forms and reports mandated by Friends of
        Youth and funders, such as 30 day Assessment Transition Reports, Supervision
        and Behavioral Management plans, Initial and Quarterly Comprehensive
        Treatment Plans, Incident Reports, Discharge Transition Reports, etc.
        2. Maintain case notes as required, including documentation of all medical,
        dental, and treatment sessions.
        3. Ensure all files are organized and up-to-date weekly.

    C. Coordination
        1. Assist in selecting, screening, licensing, and training prospective foster
        2. Be available to foster parents to work through therapeutic or case
        management emergencies.
        3. Assist in and attend, when possible, foster parents' monthly support
        meetings and other activities that may be scheduled.
        4. Formulate job descriptions (for agency review and approval) and monitor
        progress of graduate and undergraduate student interns. Evaluate work
        performance as described by Friends of Youth policy and as needed.
        5. Disseminate and implement agency policies.
        6. Design treatment methods that incorporate agency goals, policies, and
        7. Participate in selecting, incorporating and supervising volunteers, and in
        performing program activities in cooperation with the Volunteer Manager.

    D. Administration
        1. Meet one hour per week for individual supervision with the Assistant Director
        to discuss policy, review program operations and direction, initiate discussions
        on problem areas, and to report on the status of youth, families of origin and
        foster families. Number of hours of supervision will be increased to reflect
        complexities of case load.
        2. Participate a minimum of one hour per week in group supervision with other
        foster care staff members.
        3. Minimize program vacancies by timely placement of appropriately screened
        4. Provide information about the agency to individuals, groups, and
        organizations when requested.
        5. Attend agency and professional group seminars and conferences to enhance
        professional knowledge and skills.
        6. Familiarize themselves with requirements of funding and referring agencies.
        Contact significant individuals in these agencies to maintain a functional
        working relationship (for casework and funding purposes).
        7. Assist in the rotation of the emergency crisis phone and respond as needed.
        8. Follow all WAC, BRS policy and procedures, and COA guidelines.

Required Skills and Qualifications

    A. Education and Experience
        1. Master's Degree in Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, Marriage and
        Family Counseling, or other related social service fields.
        2. One year professional experience in mental health/social work field.
        3. Education or experience in cultural competency.

    B. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
        1. Knowledge of various treatment methods for youth who have mental health
        and/or behavioral issues.
        2. Ability to develop and monitor treatment plans.
        3. Ability to develop and maintain community resources.
        4. Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.
        5. Occasional evening and weekend work required.
        6. Must have own transportation available with necessary insurance.
        7. Employees and volunteers who operate their own or Friends of Youth
        vehicles on Friends of Youth business must have a safe driving record as
        defined by Friends of Youth. Employees and volunteers who operate their own
        vehicle(s) on Friends of Youth business must carry auto liability insurance that
        complies with the requirements of Friends of Youth.
        8. Knowledge of relevant COA standards and participation in a Performance
        and Quality Improvement process.
        7. Ability to engage with diverse populations in a culturally responsive manner.
        8. Demonstrate a commitment to the values of equity and inclusion by honoring
        and celebrating diverse characteristics and expressions of personal identity.


    Full Time



Reports to

    Assistant Director, Foster Care



Application Deadline

    Open until filled


    Send cover letter and resume to Shawn Sivly at shawn@friendofyouth.org

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