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Position Title

    Senior Director of Child Welfare Services


    The Senior Director of Child Welfare Services is responsible for developing,
    implementing, and overseeing the delivery of Child Welfare programs at Friends
    of Youth, ensuring that contract, licensing, and accreditation requirements are
    ethically met within the planned budgets for each program. The Senior Director
    serves on the agency’s management team and acts as the agency liaison for
    the designated contracted services. The Senior Director ensures that the
    agency actively participates in local, regional and statewide activities that support
    the programs and youth we serve.


    A. Management Tasks
        1. Participate in Community and Staff committees, as directed, on an as
        needed basis.
        2. Assist in the preparation of the budget. Ensure all Child Welfare
        programs manage budgets to plan.
        3. Maintain positive working relationships with funding, referring and partner
        4. Ensure ongoing and accurate data collection and reporting on child welfare
        programs in compliance with the requirements of funding or referring agencies
        and in response to agency standards. Immediately alert CEO of any areas in
        which the agency may be out of compliance with contract requirements and
        work to successfully and quickly resolve any issues.
        5. Develop, implement and disseminate procedures for programs, ensuring that
        all procedures are consistent with agency policies.
        6. Ensure that the all Child Welfare programs are in compliance with health,
        safety, and licensing regulations of various state and local agencies.
        7. Ensure that the physical property supporting all child welfare programs
        remains in serviceable and attractive condition.
        8. Interpret the agency to individuals, groups and organizations when requested.
        9. Minimize program vacancies by timely placement of appropriately screened
        10. Coordinate with collaborative agencies, clinical consultants, and trainers.
        11. Ensure that the agency is represented with a strong voice on regional and
        state level service provider networks.

    B. Personnel Tasks
        1. Ensure that hiring, orienting, training and the supervision of all Child Welfare
        staff meets relevant standards. Ensure that annual employee performance
        evaluations are completed on time and reflect the values and strategic goals
        of the organization.
        2. Develop supervision guidelines and performance evaluation criteria for all
        Child Welfare staff.
        3. Meet weekly or as needed based on skill level, case competency and work
        load to directly supervise Director of SRS and Assistant Directors of RTx and
        Foster Care, as well as Administrative Manager.
        4. Continually monitor staff performance and the accomplishment of agency
        goals and objectives. Prepare regular reports for the CEO.
        5. Oversee all disciplinary action in collaboration with the Director of Human
        Resources and in conformity with agency policies and practices.
        6. Develop orientation and training plans and sessions for all program staff.
        This includes development of suitable goals and objectives relating to training,
        securing of necessary resources and development of a training calendar on a
        yearly basis ensuring twenty hours per staff per year.
        7. Ensure staff familiarity with overall agency personnel policies and
        procedures and with agency job descriptions.

Required Skills and Qualifications

    A. Education and Experience
        1. BA degree in Human Services, Social Work or other applicable field; a
        master’s degree in any of these areas is highly preferred.
        2. At least 10 years of progressive senior managerial experience in the field of
        child welfare (or a comparable field) with executive responsibility in a non-profit
        agency of comparable size and mission as Friends of Youth. This includes a
        high degree of general administrative and managerial experience.
        3. A sound grasp of programming; finance/budgeting expertise; residential
        care management.
        4. The ability to collaborate well with others and to promote and articulate the
        mission of Friends of Youth.
        5. The highest level of oral, written, and interpersonal skills able to effectively
        work with a broad range of individuals and organizations, including donors,
        professional colleagues, and subordinates.
        6. Experience in building and retaining strong working teams that are
        mission-focused and dedicated to young people.
        7. The ability to be an advocate for the program and for public policies that
        support our work with youth.

    B. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
        1. Knowledge of treatment methods for adolescents.
        2. Knowledge of basic supervision and management theory.
        3. Ability to develop and monitor treatment plans and job performance criteria.
        4. Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in written form.
        5. Ability to develop and maintain community resources.
        6. Knowledge of relevant COA standards and participation in a Performance
        and Quality Improvement process.
        7. Must demonstrate sensitivity and responsiveness to cultural differences
        and a commitment to equity.
        8. Employees and volunteers who operate their own or Friends of Youth vehicles
        on Friends of Youth business must have a safe driving record as defined by
        Friends of Youth. Employees and volunteers who operate their own vehicle(s)
        on Friends of Youth business must carry auto liability insurance that complies
        with the requirements of Friends of Youth.


    Full Time


    90 - 94k

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Application Deadline

    Open until filled


    Send cover letter and resume to Marla Rennie at

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