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Position Title

    Finance Director


    The Finance Director oversees all agency financial operations including accounting
    activities and records; financial and government reports, budget development,
    analyses and forecasts; and financial policies and procedures.


        • Manage agency day-to-day accounting activities (Accounts Payable,
        Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and General Ledger)
        • Prepare, review and analyze monthly financial reports as needed and
        required by the President, Board of Directors, United Way, Federal, State,
        County, and City agencies and other organizations.
        • Insure timely billing of grantors for services rendered as described by
        individual contracts, and keep management alerted to status of contracts
        and problem areas of non-compliance in regards to accounting.

    Banking and Cash Flow
        • Manage day-to-day banking relationships
        • Ensure cash receipts are timely deposited
        • Document & maintain cash processing procedures to ensure cash is
        • Ensure that sufficient cash flow is maintained to safely maintain agency
        • Identify and explain future shortfalls or surpluses of cash to CFO on a timely

    Internal Controls
        • Ensure that the system of internal controls is operating effectively to
        safeguard assets
        • Maintain up to date documentation of the system of internal controls at the
        • Monitor compliance with fiscal policies and report any material or consistent
        areas of non-compliance
        • Revise fiscal policies on an annual basis with the support, review and
        approval of CFO, CEO and the Finance Committee

        • Prepare for and successfully complete the annual audit in cooperation with
        independent audit firm, CFO and Finance and Audit Committee of the Board
        of Directors.
        • Implement systems changes as indicated by the annual management letter,
        if any.
        • Prepare and submit Federal and State payroll tax reports; review and approve
        990 Tax Returns
        • Work effectively with external auditors to insure successful completion of
        any individual contract audits

        • Recruit, hire, train, and regularly evaluate accounting staff.
        • Effectively manage the team for optimum performance.
        • Prepare for and manage agency annual budget development and
        presentations to meet the needs to the agency and its individual grantors.

    Other Duties
        • Develop long range forecasts, trends and financial models
        • Develop, implement, and manage accounting systems, policies and
        • Suggest improvements and changes that will create additional efficiency,
        accuracy and accountability to the financial management of the organization.

Required Skills and Qualifications

    A. Education and Experience
        1. Bachelor's Degree in Business, Finance or Accounting, or year substitute on
        top of basic work experience requirements.
        2. Three to five years work experience in managing a hands-on finance and
        accounting department. Non-profit experience is a plus.

    B. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
        1. Intermediate to advanced user of Microsoft Dynamics (Great Plains) and
        QuickBooks. (Great Plains)
        2. Intermediate to advanced Excel experience.
        3. Demonstrated knowledge of non-profit finance and accounting principles.
        4. Demonstrated knowledge of government grants and contracts
        5. Medical Billing experience is a plus
        6. Knowledge of relevant COA standards and participation in a Performance and
        Quality Improvement process.
        7. Employees and volunteers who operate their own or Friends of Youth vehicles
        on Friends of Youth business must have a safe driving record as defined by
        Friends of Youth. Employees and volunteers who operate their own vehicle(s)
        on Friends of Youth business must carry auto liability insurance that complies
        with the requirements of Friends of Youth.
        8. Must demonstrate competency commitment to the values of equity and
        inclusion by honoring and celebrating diverse characteristics and expressions of
        personal identity.


    Full Time


   $77 - 83K

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Application Deadline

    Open until filled.


    Send cover letter and resume to Human Resources at  

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